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Here come my thoughts! Watch out!

Welcome, welcome to The Asia Trip: Hong Kong Patto 1!  This, my friends, is the first part of a series of posts about my amazing trip to Asia!  I should have written this a long time ago to be honest, but I’m writing it now.

I will start off by telling you, I pretty much had a perpetual grin on my face the whole time we were traveling.  We woke up at the crack of dawn to get to the Salt Lake airport and the whole way there I could hardly contain my excitement–after all, I had never been out of the country before and I was lucky enough to be going to the top 3 places to visit on my bucket list.

Everything went pretty smooth until we got to LAX.  We tried to get our boarding passes for our flight to Hong Kong, only to discover that our reservations for our flights to Hong Kong and Beijing had been deleted.  Not gonna lie…I was really freaked out that we would never got to Hong Kong.  And if we never got to Hong Kong, we’d never get to Beijing.  And if we never got to Beijing….well….we’d never get to the country I love second to my own–Japan.  And all of that would be a horrible, horrible travesty.  That was my thought process at least.  The head lady at the ticket counter fixed everything for us in time and I was saved from a fate I felt to be worse than death.  The relief I felt when we finally were sitting on that plane to Hong Kong was indescribable.

Now I’ll spare you from all the boring details of what movies I watched and what I ate on the plane (you’re welcome) and skip ahead about 13 hours.  The flight attendants announced we would be landing shortly so I pushed up my window to get a glimpse of this new land I would be visiting.  Let me just say, I was well rewarded.

It was dusk as we were coming in for a landing and all I could see were the green, mountainous, incredibly amazing islands of Hong Kong.  If any of you ever go to Hong Kong, I recommend getting a window seat so you can see what I’m talking about.

By the time we got through customs and money exchange and all that jazz, it was dark.  And I was so tired.  And wired.  On our way out of the airport, we purchased these super awesome cards called “Octopus Cards”.  It’s basically a credit card that you use at the convenience stores and for transportation purposes.  They are re-loadable and oh so convenient.  I wish we had them in America.  Along with a bunch of other stuff that Asia has and we don’t…but I’ll get to the rest of those things in later segments.

Tung Yuen Banquet

Hong Kong- So much neon. Lovely!

As we walked down the ramp to go outside and meet our bus, a blast of wet, hot, hot, hot, wet, wet air hit us right in the face.  Being from a desert, this sort of air is not what I am used to.  Even having lived in Washington for nearly 10 years, which is a fairly humid place, nothing could have prepared me for such intense gross air.  It was literally a sauna.  So we waited for our bus in a sauna.

We got on our bus, which was a double-decker, by the way.  We sat on the top level and took in Hong Kong.  It was lovely!  We took the bus out to Wan Chai and walked to our hotel.  Even though I was so tired, all I wanted to do was take pictures and take in all the lights and sounds and smells.  We got to the hotel and as we were getting ready to check in, the hotel people couldn’t find our reservations.  I think we all just wanted to cry.  After a bit of a go around they agreed to put us in two 1 person rooms (one for me and my grandma and one for my cousin and grandpa) and bring us an extra mattress for each room.  These rooms were seriously the smallest things I had ever seen.  But I was happy to have a place to stay after the extremely long and tiring day that we had.  My grandpa decided that he needed to stay up and figure out what the deal was by calling the travel agency.  (Turns out it was the hotel’s fault because they didn’t process our paperwork.)  Anyway, we decided to take a quick walk around Hong Kong while the hotel set up our rooms and while my grandpa waited until he could call the travel agent.

Neon Lights

Strolling around Hong Kong

It was so humid, it was hard to breathe.  We walked through the wet market to get a quick look.  I had never smelled anything so awful in my life.  I don’t know how to describe the smells of Hong Kong.  All I can say is that city is so stinky!  Stinky and dirty and AMAZING!  I loved it.  We walked by the LDS Church Administration building and walked over to Victoria Harbor and I was loving it all despite fatigue and being way too hot.

Hong Kong

This is Victoria Harbor. Pretty great, huh?

After awhile we decided it was finally time for bed.  So we walked back, I took a shower and promptly fell asleep.  After thirty-something hours of being awake, I was so glad to finally go to sleep.

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